Confessions Of A Sleep Deprived Mum

My name is Kavitha Nair, mother to a spirited toddler and a qualified Gentle Sleep Coach.

As a first time mo10311773_10152124061768848_1591104893853769609_nther, raising a baby was the toughest day job I had ever done, but the nights became tougher than the days.  I wasn’t getting any sleep and was perpetually tired and anxious. Read my experience here…


Sleep and your four-month-old

canstockphoto7201636I have many mums who come to me with their 4-5 month babies wondering why their little ones are suddenly waking up every hour or every 2 hours and sometimes even every 15 minutes. Is this the dreaded four-month regression?

Napping Basics

cropped-64130_10151385094438848_415714301_n.jpgIf you are a mother to a new born or an infant, it is more than likely that your baby’s napping habits are your biggest concern.

Tips for a great night’s sleep

canstockphoto11579610The amazing folks at SleepyPeople.com have put together top sleep tips from infant sleep experts from across the globe. I am thrilled to be a part of it 🙂

Thrown In At The Sleep End

canstockphoto21092344Sleeplessness can adversely affect your child’s health and yours. Experts offer tips which can be a stand-in for that lullaby.

Best Practices for Healthy Sleep

babysleepFor most mothers with infants, sleep becomes the most precious and most elusive thing in the world. Raising a baby is tiring enough but when you do that in a perpetually sleep-deprived state life can seem very hard and the days very long.

Good sleeping habits for your baby

canstockphoto13264154I have spent sleeplessness nights wondering when my crying baby would go back to sleep. I went online looking for answers, desperately called family and friends, looking for that magic answer. Like most things baby-related, everyone had an opinion but none that worked for me.